Welcome to Alien-Ideas

Welcome to the Alien-Ideas Project!

"What IS the Alien-Ideas Project?", you might ask... For the TL;DR crowd, here's the short-and-sweet of it; For now, it's just a dumping-ground for (hopefully) good ideas and useful information... That's it, that's all.

Exciting, right? RIGHT?! No, Seriously. It's Truly Thrilling isn't it? You just know it is!


Yea, I know... Another random website... Well, it pleases me to work on it, and since it's my website, that's all that really matters here; although I do hope it pleases others, and that some of you folk out there will find more than just a little useful (or at least entertaining) information posted here.

NOTE: This https:// secured address has some members-only content which can only be accessed with proper credentials. ANY attempts at "hacking" those areas will be detected and reported to the proper authorities (and to yer mum!) and your IP address (and if necessary, your entire freakin' NATION) will be blocked at the firewall. If you weren't invited to it, then it ain't here for you!

Local Quick-Links

  • Journal — Alien-Ideas Web Log and Project Journal
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  • Notes — Research Notes for Alien Alliance Members
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  • People — Profile Pages of Alien-Ideas People

Off-Site Links

  • Coding — Links related to writing Computer Code.
  • Gaming — Links related to Games and Gaming.
  • Graphics — Links related to Graphics and Art.
  • Recipes — Links related to Food and Drink Recipes.
  • Videos — Links related to sources of Video.

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